Composition – Storytelling through Level Design

Composition is a term applied to the visual arts in order to describe the placement of objects – including characters and perspective – in a scene, or the organization of elements according to artistic rules. (Grill & Scanlon, 1990) This … Continue reading

Adventures in Game Theory: Mass Effect 2

The highly successful sequel[1] of BioWare’s action role playing game “Mass Effect”, Mass Effect 2, was released for Windows PC and Xbox 360 in January 2010. The game’s description outlines the features that players can expect: Prepare for a suicide … Continue reading

Adventures in Storytelling: Vladimir Propp & Warcraft 3

Vladimir Propp was a Russian scholar who analysed Russian folktales in order to classify the basic plot components that comprised them.  He identified common themes in these folktales, converted them to “morphemes” – the smallest linguistic unit that has semantic … Continue reading

Creating Worlds: Developing and Maintaining a Modern MMOG

As you probably know, an MMOG is a massively multiplayer online game, which allows many players to play simultaneously in one game world. This requires an internet connection, and uses client – server technology to enable players to communicate worldwide. … Continue reading