Filling in the Blanks {Part 1}

Characterisation of NPCs   One aim of any great story is to make the audience feel as if they are part of it’s world. This is no different in games. Memorable experiences are created through interaction and impact on the … Continue reading

Gameplay Matters

The term ‘ludonarrative dissonance’ was coined to describe – in basic terms – the way in which a game’s narrative can feel, to the player, somewhat disconnected from the gameplay mechanics. It was first used by Clint Hocking on his … Continue reading

Being Booker

Player Choice: BioShock Infinite’s Beautiful Inevitability ~SPOILERS. Do Not Read Ahead if You Haven’t Finished the Game.~ The Cage or The Bird? Elizabeth looked up at me expectantly as she waited for me to make my choice. I hesitated, wondering … Continue reading

Immersion and Interaction with Narrative

The Importance of Immersion “Fundamentally, immersion is the sense that a player has of being in a virtual world. The more immersive a virtual world, the greater its ability to immerse it’s players.” (Bartle, 2004)  Immersion is an important factor … Continue reading