Filling in the Blanks {Part 1}

Characterisation of NPCs   One aim of any great story is to make the audience feel as if they are part of it’s world. This is no different in games. Memorable experiences are created through interaction and impact on the … Continue reading

Immersion and Interaction with Narrative

The Importance of Immersion “Fundamentally, immersion is the sense that a player has of being in a virtual world. The more immersive a virtual world, the greater its ability to immerse it’s players.” (Bartle, 2004)  Immersion is an important factor … Continue reading

Adventures in Storytelling: McKee’s STORY {Part Two}

There are 3 rules that you must follow if you wish to write a bestselling script: 1. Entertain the Audience 2. Make Each Movie as if it’s Your Last 3. Never Compromise Your Integrity An audience needs ‘Interest Curiosity (“What … Continue reading

Composition – Storytelling through Level Design

Composition is a term applied to the visual arts in order to describe the placement of objects – including characters and perspective – in a scene, or the organization of elements according to artistic rules. (Grill & Scanlon, 1990) This … Continue reading